Welcome to Media 401

Welcome to Media 401

Media 401 is a commercial video production company located in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Get Your Message Out With Media 401

Do you need a crazy commercial? An animated business introduction? A heart felt telling of your organizations mission? Maybe a short narrative film. Media 401 can help you get your message out in your way. Let us know how we can help.


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How Does Video Help Me?

Video tells your story in many different ways. Demonstrate your product, share your company’s culture, entertain your public, or simply let the world know you exist. Commercials aren’t just for television any more. Of course there is Broadcast, Cable and Fios. Now you can embed your commercial on your web site, build YouTube channel, publish on your Facebook page, and any other social media you choose.

As part of a broad social media and SEO strategy, video is a powerful tool to make you more visible and easier to find on the web. Simply put – the more places your message is, the easier it is for the search engines like Google, and Bing and Yahoo! to find you, your company, your message, your product.

How Does The Production Process Work?

It works however you need it to. Do you have your own idea? Do you need help with one? We will help you solidify your plan and schedule. Media 401 will then present a budget and schedule. Then the fun begins. We work with any level of involvement that the client needs from approving every edit to having just a goal and a deadline. Media 401 has the variety of experience to help get your project done the way you want it.

What Kind Of Work Does Media 401 Do?

Media 401 produces Television Commercials, Corporate Presentations, Non-Profit Presentations, Narrative Film and Music Video. Look below for some of my favorites.

How Much Does It Cost?

The short answer is, “It depends.” We quote each project individually. Media 401 provides high quality, yet affordable production. Media 401 may not be the cheapest game in town, but we are certainly not the most expensive. Media 401 operates under a “no surprises” policy. If the budget for a project needs to change, you will be told and approve in advance. We are happy to talk to you about your project and how Media 401 can help make it happen.